Earlier this year, the Engagement and Transformation Portfolio (ETP) Office, in close collaboration with the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET), introduced an Occasional Paper Series under the theme: The Transformative, Responsive University.

This series aims to provide a hub for intellectual debate, within Nelson Mandela University and beyond, regarding the question, not so much what the university is good at, but rather what the university is good for in our time and place faced with, often unprecedented, societal challenges. Underlying the series is the intention to grow the intellectual engagement with Mandela University’s commitment to reimagine, reposition and reframe its character as a transformative, responsive university.
The first paper of the series, ‘Taking Nelson Mandela University Boldy into the Future in Service of Society’, is now available. Please follow the link to read and engage with our first publication, by Nelson Mandela University’s own Vice Chancellor. This paper can be found here.