Mr Luan Staphorst
Research Assistant

Luan Staphorst is a Mandela Rhodes Scholar (2020-2021) and Abe Bailey Fellow (2019) who has been affiliated with the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation since February 2019. He leads the Chair’s CUS research project and, together with Dr Bazirake, coordinates the Chair’s research portfolio and network of research associates and honorary, visiting, and adjunct professors. He has a MA (Philosophy) from the University of the Western Cape, a MA (Linguistics) from Nelson Mandela University, and a MSc (African Studies) from the University of Oxford. His research has, amongst others, appeared in Tydskrif vir Letterkunde, Critical Arts, Journal of Southern African Studies, and the Palgrave Handbook of African Oral Traditions and Folklore.

Latest Publications:

  • Fataar, A., Motala, S., Keet, A., Lalu, P., Nuttall, S., Menon, K., and Staphorst, L. 2022. The University in Techno-Rational Times: Critical Universities Studies, South Africa. Education Philosophy and Theory.
  • Staphorst, L. 2022. ‘van die oorspronklike lippe’ (‘from the original lips’): The 19th-Century Cape Colony, Holographic Archaeology and the Historicity of Gideon von Wielligh’s /xam–Afrikaans Collection. Journal of Southern African Studies.
  • Staphorst, L. 2023. “fokkol graad vi jou nie” [Fuck All Degree for You]: Black Afrikaans Poets, Critical University Studies, and Transcripting the Afrikaans University. Journal of African Cultural Studies.


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