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The Responsive University and the Crisis in South Africa
The Transformative/Responsive University in South Africa

By André Keet & Sibongile Muthwa


University on the Border: Crisis of Authority and Precarity
#MustFall - The Event: Rights, Student Activism, and the Transformation of South African Universities

By And Keet, W Nel and S.D Sattarzadeh

Educational Philosphy and Theory
The University in Techno-Rational Times: Critical Universities Studies, South Africa

By André Keet & Luan Staphorst, et al


The Short Story in South Africa: Contemporary Trends and Perspectives
Navigating the Spectacular in Queer African Erotic Short Fiction

By Jenny Boźena du Preez

Sol Plaatje's Mhudi: History, Critism, Celebration
Women's Solidarity in Sol T. Plaatje's Mhudi

By Jenny Boźena du Preez


The Palgrave Handbook of African Oral Traditions and Folklore
To Tongue the Body | To Body the Tongue: Problematizing the Translation of Oral Traditions

By Luan Staphorst

The Routledge Handbook of Global Development
Forced Migration and Asylum Seeking

By Joseph Besigye & Carolina Suransky

Books & Special Issues

Cool  Britannia and Multi-Ethnic Britain: Uncorking the Champagne Supernova

By Jason Arday

A Pledge with Purpose: Black Sororities and Fraternities and the Fight for Equality

By Matthew Hughey & Gregory Parks

Ghosts of Archive: Deconstructive Intersectionality and Praxis

By Verne Harris

I Know this to be True about Nelson Mandela

By Verne Harris & Sello Hatang



Racialized Media: The Design, Delivery, and Decoding of Race and Ethnicity
The 'Labor' of Racialized Media: Stuart Hall and the Circuit of Culture

Edited by Matthew Hughey & Emma González-Lesser

Researching in the Age of COVID-19 Volume II: Care and Resilience

Edited by Su-Ming Khoo & Helen Kara

Qualitative and Digital Research in Times of Crisis: Methods, Reflexivity and Ethics

Edited by Su-Ming Khoo & Helen Kara

Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review. Fifteenth anniversary special edition

Edited by Su-Ming Khoo, et al

Universities, Society and Development: African Perspectives of University Community Engagement in Secondary Cities

Edited by Dr Thierry Luescher, et al

#FEESMUSTFALL and its Aftermath: Violence, Wellbeing and the Student Movement in South Africa

By Dr Thierry Luescher, et al

African(a) Queer Presence: Ethics and Politics of Negotiation

By S.N. Nyeck

Decolonial Perspectives on Entangled Inequalities: Europe and the Caribbean

Edited by Encarnación Gutièrrez Rodriguez & Rhoda Reddock

Migrantischer Feminismus (Migrant Feminism)

By Encarnación Gutièrrez Rodriguez

The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Race and Gender

Edited by Encarnación Gutièrrez Rodriguez & Shirley Anne Tate

Serving Higher Purposes: University Mergers in Post-Apartheid South Africa

By Ihron Rensburg

Unsettling the University: Confronting the Colonial Foundations of US Higher Education

By Sharon Stein

Futures of Anti-Racism: Paradoxes of Deracialization in Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, and the UK

By Shirley Anne Tate, et al

From Post-Intersectionality to Black Decolonial Feminism: Black Skin Affections

By Shirley Anne Tate

Decolonising Sambo: Transculturation, Fungibility and Black and People of Colour Futurity

By Shirely Anne Tate

Affect and the Rise of Right Wing Populism: Pedagogies for the Renewal of Democratic Education

By Michalinos Zembylas

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