Mr Aphiwe Bizani
Research Assistant

I am a phara that hails from Duncan Village in East London that finds himself in the corridors of an institution of higher learning. I am of those whose humanity is systematically questioned, whose bodies are met with gratuitous violence. To borrow from Dr Lushaba (as he would undoubtedly borrow from me), for us it remains dark even though the day should have started.


I am due to complete my LLB in Nelson Mandela University in the second semester. In my stint as a student leader, I have led, chief among others, in all structures of the Black Lawyers’ Association Student chapter including the most recent office I occupied as the Secretary General of its National Executive Committee. Presently, apart from my studies, I am also a research assistant at the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET).


I aspire to contribute to the growing body of knowledge of Azanian jurisprudence and the restoration of title to territory and unencumbered sovereignty to the indigenous people of occupied Azania who were conquered in the unjust wars of colonisation.  My other areas of research interest include Black phenomenology, decolonisation, Black masculinities, and public international law, just to mention a few.