This is the inaugural issue of the student journal on the deepening of transformation, decolonisation, and the Africanisation of higher education. It is published by the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation in partnership with the office of the Dean of Students and the Department of Student Governance and Development

What Mandela for what time? The question presents an aporia, an impasse. Who is the Mandela we import from history and ‘what’ is the Mandela approaching us from the future? And, what kind of imageries and imaginaries of Mandela? For whom? For what purpose? There are many Mandelas, and more to come, since legacy is not a “static inheritance, but a disruptive revisitation of the past”.

This presentation offers a view of decoloniality in dialogue with Fanon’s work and the Spirit of Bandung. It focuses on the Decolonial methodology embedded in the organisation of the 3rd  Rencontres of the Frantz Fanon Foundation, whose theme was Fanon, Decoloniality, and the Spirit of Bandung.