This is a general guide to preferences regarding the layout and referencing styles of a paper presented for the occasional paper series. These guidelines are to ensure a uniformity of appearance across the various papers. Papers are expected to be formatted according to these guidelines before submission. Before being published online, all papers will be formatted to include a generic front page, in line with Nelson Mandela University branding guidelines.

  1. An electronic copy of the paper in MS Word must be submitted by email.
  2. The formatting must be simple and consistent throughout the paper:
    1. Page numbers must be included, and should be situated at the bottom right of the page.
    2. Text colour should be black.
    3. A header should be included with the short version of the paper title and the full name of the author. This should be situated at the top right of the page.
  3. Diagrams, graphs, tables and other imagery should be rendered as follows: High resolution images (preferably 300 dpi) must be provided in a separate folder in their original format (.jpg, .png or .tiff), as well as being include in the submitted document.
  4. A complete Bibliography or Reference List must be provided.
  5. This occasional paper series uses the referencing system suggested by the African Sun Media Author Guidelines. Please see the attached document.