Prof. Dr. Cláudio Costa Pinheiro

Visiting Professor

Cláudio Pinheiro is Professor of Asian and African Studies at Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil, where he also serves the VC for international cooperation, and he is Chairman of the Sephis Programme, NED. His research interests include two main axes: knowledge production and circulation, and structures of power, slavery and forms of dependency, both of which consider the impact and durable effects of colonialism in the institutionalization of power in Western and non-Western societies. His research and teaching agenda include theoretical challenges to international Social Theory by incorporating contributions from peripheral scholars from the Global South into the cannon. In recent years, his works moved from a purely theoretical discussion to a construction of intellectual interventions through teaching routines that include research on the history of Social Theory teaching and the development of critical tools to reinforce diversity through pedagogical routines.

He worked for several research and funding agencies as expert on international cooperation in tertiary education and S&T. Professor Pinheiro is or had been visiting professor or fellow at the universities of: (in US) Wellesley College/Harvard University; (in Europe) Universities of Vienna, Cologne, Humboldt and Free University of Berlin and University of Lisbon; (in India) the University of Calcutta, of Goa, of Delhi, at the Center for the Study of Developing Societies, and at Bukkyo University (Kyoto, Japan).

Recent Publications include Costa Pinheiro, C; Schröder, P.; Vermeulen, H. (eds). 2019. The German Tradition in Latin-American Anthropology, special issue. Revista de Antropologia Journal, 62 (1); Costa Pinheiro. 2018. Unhomely Afterlives. Williams & Hentschke (eds). To be at Home. Berlin: De Gruyter, 210-218. Costa Pinheiro. 2017. Modernity and the artifices of Place-making. AEGS – Annual of European and Global Studies, n. 4, June/July, 51–71.

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