Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation


This is a strategic post introduced to drive the Transformation agenda of the University by grounding it in critical studies and framing it within the concept of an African-purposed curriculum in view of the current debates about the decolonisation of the University. This includes being a strategic resource to various key stakeholders internally and externally and supporting the leadership team, positioning Nelson Mandela University strategically within the higher education sector in order to make strategic impact.


The Chair seeks to be a premier national, regional and international site for critical studies and praxes in higher education transformation with local and global impact.


The mission of the Chair comprises the study of higher education transformation, connecting such inquiry to critical social justice praxes and the challenges and contestations within higher education against the backdrop of national, regional and global processes.

To learn more about us, find The CriSHET Journey 2018-2021 Report here.