A call for a community of practice. 
Empowerment through Participation: Take Part in The Africanisation-Decolonisation Project at Nelson Mandela University (AFDEP-NMU) Survey.We would like to welcome you to participate in our AFDEP-NMU survey, which will assist us in exploring and developing a set of conceptual and programmatic criteria for the project. 
As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a diverse, inclusive, and representative learning, teaching, and institutional environment rooted in knowledge democracy, we invite you to join us in developing a community of practice to guide the Africanisation and Decolonisation project at Nelson Mandela University (AFDEP-NMU). 
Decolonisation and Africanisation may have a variety of meanings in different contexts, including research, learning and teaching, and engagement contexts across the university. We thus hope to collectively develop a set of broad and flexible parameters to guide us to better work against historically-produced inequalities, locally and beyond.
Join us in this conversation - Your feedback will be used to guide our next steps. This is a great opportunity to unburden our existing capacities and capabilities. 
Please see the survey link below:

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