Critical Human Rights Education: Advancing Social-Justice-Oriented Educational Praxes, the latest publication in the Contemporary Philosophies and Theories in Education book series (COPT, volume 13), is co-authored by Michalinos Zembylas, professor in Education from the University of Cyprus, and André Keet, Chair of CriSHET at Nelson Mandela University. Zembylas is also an Honorary Professor at the Chair for Critical Studies in Higher Education Transformation (CriSHET).

This book engages with human rights and human rights education (HRE) in ways that offer opportunities for criticality and renewal. It takes up various ideas, from critical and decolonial theories to philosophers and intellectuals, to theorize the renewal of HRE as Critical Human Rights Education. The point of departure is that the acceptable “truths” of human rights are seldom critically examined, and productive interpretations for understanding and acting in a world that is soaked in the violations these rights try to address, cannot emerge.

This text also cultivates a critical view of human rights in education and beyond, and revisits receivable categories of human rights to advance social-justice-oriented educational praxes. It focuses on the ways that issues of human rights, philosophy, and education come together, and how a critical project of their entanglements creates openings for rethinking human rights education (HRE) both theoretically and in praxis.

Given the persistence of issues of human rights worldwide, this book will be useful to researchers and educators across disciplines and in numerous parts of the world.

Abstracts of the chapters are available online.