Event location: Online - Zoom

Event date and time: 07/10/2021 15:00:00

A fundamental problem focus for transdisciplinary science is sustainability and the fundamental question concerning sustainability is what should be sustained?

‘Sustainable development’, like all concepts of development, is an emergent and contested concept that cannot be abstracted from particularities of history and context - particularities that are weighted with power and contestation (Khoo 2015a; 2013). A great deal has been written about education and sustainability. While the role of education, and specifically higher education, is obviously significant, the role and importance of higher education are in many respects neglected in the transdisciplinary science ‘state of the art’. 

This contribution specifically addresses the critical role of education and research in higher education, drawing on the radical roots of inter and trans-disciplinarity (Khoo et al 2019; Toomey et al 2015); noting higher education’s specific democratic role in fostering public reason (White 2017) and aspects of creativity, emergence and the transdisciplinary imagination (Lawrence 2010).

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